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Agate Mossy Earrings Beads 10mm Ag Hooks

Agate Mossy Earrings Beads 10mm Ag Hooks

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  • earrings made of marble agate stone balls
  • closing closure made of silver Ag 925/1000
  • length of earrings including hooks approx: 31mm
  • size of balls approx .: 10mm
  • weight of pair of earrings approx: 4,0g
  • The price is for 1 pair of earrings

Moss agate helps us overcome outdated habits and brings us new ways to go in life without fear and fear. With its calm energy, it inspires us to respect nature and its regular cycle.

We carry this kind of agate when we have colds and coughs, helping to relieve respiratory diseases.


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