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amazoniteAmazonite belongs to the group of precious stones of the feldspar. Feldspars have an exciting feature that creates special lighting effects. Amazonite is an unusual satin gloss on the surface of a stone. The Amazonite is named after the Amazon River in South America, although there has been no mining site in this area. Perhaps it is named after its similarity to the river, when the sun shines on the green Amazon waves, as on the green stones' surface flash little white veins of lead origin. The world's most famous sites are in India, Brazil, Namibia, Canada, and Russia. The quality amazonite has so fine a structure that the white veins are not seen at first sight, and the stone is almost interchangeable with the very high-quality turquoise. The only difference is in a satin gloss that has amazonite, compared to turquoise.

Amazonite in healing

Amazonite is the cornerstone of partner life. It balances the male and female principles and harmonizes communication and life in one household. It calms the raging anger, releases from stereotypes and brings new thoughts and ideas into life. The most of amazonites from effect in the chakra of the neck and heart, where it releases not only blocks of communication but also speech disorders of children. Thanks to improving communication and relationship with a partner, comes out the treatment of psychosomatic diseases such as headaches, muscle cramps or metabolic disorders.

amazonite from Madagascar
Amazonite from Madagascar

Amazonite silver earrings
silver earrings with amazonite at the shape of a droplet

Amazonite in healing and esoteric

We can not forget the filtering ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation, e.g., from a mobile phone, a computer monitor, or a microwave oven. In this case, it is recommended to hang the amazonite pendant on a mobile phone or place a larger stone close to this radiator, preferably between you and the radiator. In the case of treatment a speech disorder or partnership communication, it is the best to wear a necklace or amazonite necklace, that is, between the chakras mentioned above.

Amazonite is very sensitive to temperature changes, so we do not recommend charging it in direct sunlight, preferably we cleanse this stone with a crystal pebble or a crystal druse.

amazonite sphere

Amazonite sphere of this size and quality is a unique object of collectors' collections.

Interesting stones and amazonite jewelry