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Ametrine Necklace larger stones 90 cm

Ametrine Necklace larger stones 90 cm

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- Length of the necklace: 90 cm
- Necklace is quite
- Made of chopped smoothly cut stone

Type of stone:

Properties Ametrin and its use:
This stone combines the power of two stones: amethyst and citrine, linking spiritual purification and inner peace. We recommend Ametrine examples on the forehead chakra, which alleviates pain and chakra in the tummy, which alleviates anxiety, stress and nervousness. Placing the stone on both chakras connect the flow of energy between them and so navodíme enenergií overall balance in the body. Ametrine is not sensitive to light, so it can be recharged in sunlight.

Ametrine sign in:
Aries, Capricorn, Pisces

Type of jewelry

Mineral treatment

Type of mineral

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