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Apatite form hexagonal crystals, which is found in many incredible bright shades and colors. Due to its brightness, brilliance, and the price is cut into diamond shapes and committed to jewelry instead of other precious stones, for many financially inaccessible. Color variations are from yellow to yellow over blue, white, violet and pink. Apatite in the blue-green color is often confused with the rare Paraiba tourmaline, whose site is almost exhausted, and the only one in the world. The blue-green apatite from comes from Madagascar, another multicolored species such as the USA, Canada and Brazil. They are quite easily accessible, just a yellow apatite is rare.

Apatite in the esoteric

For all apatites is true that the man himself stir the inner spiritual and sexual energy that permeates the body from the base chakra area (genital area) to the very crown chakra (crown region). Apatite taken on helps himself to self-expression, communication with loved ones and strangers and removes sluggishness and indifference to surroundings. Apatite is very suitable stone for the shy or autistic children and adults. In medicine apatite promotes new cell formation and strengthening of the skeletal and joint system. It unites the mind and body and eliminates excessive or insufficient energy flows, which are manifestations of malaise, fatigue or otherwise hyperactivity.  


Tumbled blue apatite

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Types of Apatite

Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is the bearer of a vision for the future and looking into past lives. In meditation, along with apatite from making a connection with a higher spiritual leaders. Blue apatite is recommended to wear in the throat, as it has a beneficial effect on the throat chakra, which opens throat ideas in speeches and regular communication. Have beneficial effects on emotional disharmony.


Apatite precious stone   Apatite necklace

Golden Apatite 

Golden apatite acts significantly on solar plexus chakra (stomach area), which removes negative energy, inertia and irritability. Golden Thread of the crystal takes away depression, dejection, anger and fatigue and floods our body with energy and joy to other days. In medicine, the use of gold apatite for proper digestion, proper function of the gall bladder and lymph and cellulite removal. It leads us to eat healthy and whole lifestyle.   

Apatite gold crystal


The apatite, especially when it is placed in the anklet to watch out for before dirt and scratches because it is difficult to clean. It is quite sensitive to heat, so do not rinse or unnecessarily immerse in warm water or sewage ultrasound that too does not indicate any precious stones. Apatite crystals from purify the crystal mate, which then rinse under lukewarm water, charge in direct sunlight. 

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