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Avanturin light necklace larger stones 90 cm

Avanturin light necklace larger stones 90 cm

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- Length of the necklace: 90 cm
- Necklace is quite
- Made of chopped smoothly cut stone

Type of stone:

Characteristics of the stone and its use:
Aventurine is a stone connected with heart chakra. It is the most versatile stone. With a mostly green Aventurine stone connects with nature, a sense of balance and the heart chakra, where his influence is strongest, creates a calm and spreads negative emotions. If you place the cleaned stone bedside or under the pillow tutorials will calm and relaxed sleep. By applying this stone on forehead, relieves headaches and other pain - both physical and psychological (eg, coping with the track and the associated feelings of betrayal, sorrow or loneliness).

The strength of stone:
close connection with nature, quiet joy and peace, hope, immune system, metabolism, lowering blood cholerterolu, restful sleep, stimulate appetite, eyes, leather and hair

Stones in sign:
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo

Type of jewelry

Mineral treatment

Type of mineral

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