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Avanturin reconst. copper. larger stones (45cm)

Avanturin reconst. copper. larger stones (45cm)

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It is one of the most versatile and effective stones. It establishes a close connection with nature and its energy, helps us absorb its harmony, awaken our soul and open it to this simple beauty. It mainly affects the center of the heart, where it calms excessive emotions and thus gives our body a feeling of balance and satisfaction. It spreads quiet joy and peace. It also helps with skin diseases that are affected by nervousness and an unbalanced mental state. We can use it for practically all disorders whose origin is not only mental and emotional, but also physical. It balances our feelings as well as our inner and outer peace. Tibetans used it to treat myopia. Today's sources recommend it for the treatment of skin diseases, it is most often used in psychotherapy. It is used to treat especially those psychosomatic diseases where the root cause of the problem is linked to children under 7 years of age.

Assignment: Fifth Chakra
ASTROLOGICAL ASSIGNMENT: Scorpio, Aquarius, Fish, Gemini, Libra

the jewel has a jewelery handle

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Mineral treatment

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