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Bull's Eye - size XL (JAR)

Bull's Eye - size XL (JAR)

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- Listed price for 1pc
- The size of about 3.5 cm, weight approx 20-30 grams
- Origin of stone: South Africa

Type of stone:
quartz group

Known sites:
South Africa, USA, Mexico, China, India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Australia, Austria

red (often achieved tan) - translucent, metallic luster

Characteristics of the stone and its use:
Bull's eye stone is closely linked to the brow chakra, which after its appendices relieves stress and tension, improves memory and thinking. Also attaching the base chakra-at the bottom of the pan, reduces muscle tension and spasms. It brings to life the vitality and sexual desire.

The strength of stone:
confidence, memory, concentration, vital energy, boost the musculoskeletal system, znírnění pain and inflammation of the nerves. Timidity, distractibility, metabolic disorders, muscle tension and spasms

Stones in sign:


Type of mineral

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