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Carnelian necklace (45 cm)

Carnelian necklace (45 cm)

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- Length of the necklace: 45cm
- Jewelery necklace has a handle
- Made of chopped smoothly cut stone

Type of stone:

Characteristics of the stone and its use:
With its bright orange to red tones brings vitality and energy to life, the ability to participate in events around dampens laziness, indolence, indifference. It provides the ability to determine their own way of life and integration into society. Among the therapeutic properties of carnelian include cleansing the blood, helping to drive the adoption and proper digestion of food also affects healthy sexuality, problems with potency and helps remove blocks when trying to conceive.

The strength of stone:
vigorous vital energy, involvement with events around, will transform this knowledge into reality, creativity, regulation of blood circulation and digestive tract, metabolism, blood circulation

Stones in sign:
Taurus, Gemini

Type of jewelry

Mineral treatment

Type of mineral


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