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Citrine Bracelet - chopped shapes

Citrine Bracelet - chopped shapes

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Citrine develop intellectual and creative abilities helping to find solutions at the beginning of new projects. Older people supplied. They treat appendicitis, supports the immune system, protects against the negative effects of radiation. The Middle Ages attributed citrine ability to make its owner cute and popular. He protected on the go. Encourages spiritual activities. Promotes creativity and communication, eliminating the effort to self-harm. It leads man to harmonize the astral, mental, spiritual and emotional world within it. It is recommended for diseases of the heart and circulatory system, kidneys, liver and muscles.

It symbolizes not only the wisdom and inner peace, but also gives a sense of health, warmth and freshness. Pure tones have a golden considerable ability to revive the light energy stored in people and thus support the clarity of our thinking and creativity. Enables the transmission of bioelectric impulses through the nerves, promotes and influences the metabolism. His strong effect on gastro-intestinal disorders, diabetes and cleansing of the intestinal tract from the ballast and toxic substances affecting the leather and cleanliness.

Assignment: Solar
Astrological Association: Aquarius, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo

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