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Crystal buddha carving

Crystal buddha carving

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  • carving of one piece of stone in the shape of Buddha
  • stone type: crystal
  • dimensions approx .: 48 x 28 x 18mm (height x width x thickness) APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS!
  • weight approx .: 25g
  • photo illustration, natural material, each piece original
  • the price is for 1 piece of buddha

The Buddha is a symbol of Buddhism, the Indian religion and the teaching of how to live a right life. They teach us that we should learn to free ourselves from clinging to material things, not to have more than we really need, and to selflessly help our surroundings. Our mind and body are freed from material things by meditation.

With its icy appearance, the crystal cools the body during fever, burns and sunburn.
It improves the condition of the whole organism and strengthens immunity. This beautiful stone is one of the most valuable stones in esoterics, because with its pleasant vibrations it encourages, supplies energy and at the same time cleanses . It awakens its bright light in ourselves and supports only good qualities in us.

Type of mineral


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