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Crystal Necklace (90CM)

Crystal Necklace (90CM)

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- Length of the necklace: 90 cm
- Necklace is quite
- Made of chopped smoothly cut stone

Type of stone:

Characteristics of the stone and its use:
Crystal Mountain crystal otherwise have been since antiquity in all cultures revered stone. Even today it is a "stone by stone". It acts as a catalyst for energy - absorbs negative and positive forwards. It is a very powerful energy stone that restores our soul light and purity, protect us from black magic. This feature is used when working with the pendulum, the pendulum are made of cut crystal (spontaneous movement of the pendulum determines example or negative). Use our crystal activates and harmonizes the energy centers and soothes all pain and illness. It is a universal means to help the treatment of any disease, you just have to know how to choose the right type, such as energy-rich but others would not be missing in any household, the crystals were spiked upwards brings energy, while the apex downwards shedding problems, pendulum, or a pebble in pocket, which charged us whenever we need.

The strength of stone:
Crystal is the birthstone for regular use whenever it is needed, preparation, prevention of health, purifying water, the weakness of the changing weather, against all pain, or as a protective amulet for good luck, it can hold in your hand or assist massages. Any blockages and negative tendencies, addiction and attachment, psychosomatic illness, weakness or imbalance in the body.

Stones in sign:
Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Type of jewelry

Type of mineral


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