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Copying, publishing and disseminating scientific texts or photos from server (or servers operated by us) without the consent of the copyright owner can then expose the legal and criminal consequences (§ § 150 and 152) of such illegal conduct. In case of infringement or misappropriation of our copyrights to our professional texts or photographs will not hesitate to use all legal and criminal action in accordance with applicable case law, trade mark rights, our copyright and proprietary rights, including seeking compensation for damages such illegal crime and even the courts. Copying text also expose to the risk of prosecution under § 33 of the Offences Act 200/1992 Sb. including sanctions.

Information on the protection of our copyrights, you can also get to the protect their copyright

If you want to use some professional articles and photos from the server for further reproduction or for your website, you must first obtain the consent of the owner. In this matter we can contact you in advance  

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  • The server operator shall in no event consequences of loss of profit and costs incurred operation or termination or interruption of operations.