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Donut amethyst 30mm on the leather

Donut amethyst 30mm on the leather

Donut amethyst 30mm on the leather

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Smooth round donut has a rather flat shape, which makes the beautiful purple color of donut stand out. Donuts are supplied with black leather for hanging in the length of 70-90cm.

Donut is a popular form in esotericism as it symbolizes the eternal cycle of life in nature. It has a protective function and at the same time concentrates energy into its center. It can be worn as a pendant on a leather or chain.

Amethyst harmonizes the spiritual and physical aspects of man. It helps soulful people to make faster decisions, impulsive individuals lead to greater thought. Overall, it supports the desire for knowledge and the ability to concentrate better, making it a good stone for students. It has a beneficial effect on human leather prone to eczema and acne.

Put the amethyst donut under the pillow for a better sleep that will regenerate your body and mind and drive away bad dreams.

  • type of stone: amethyst
  • outer diameter: 27 - 30mm, thickness: 5mm
  • Hole diameter: 7mm
  • price for 1pc
  • Supplied with neck leather for hanging

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