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Hematite can be silver-gray with metallic luster, steel dark and light or reddish-brown. According to its red-brown shade, this gemstone got a name from the Greek word Haema, blood. In the Middle Ages, people believed that the hematite formated from the blood of fallen warriors soaked into the battlefield.

A remarkable color resembles the blood or rust used cavemen who painted by the hematite, clay, and water mixtures on the walls. Later, people began to attribute magical properties to individual stones.

In many cultures used polished hematite as a mirror.

Depending on the needs of individual cultures, people gave hematite to the graves to facilitate their journey through the afterlife, or to protect young girls from dangerous men, or to wear it like a talisman for good luck. In the Middle Ages, the hematite stones were sharpened into likeness of sovereigns or saints and embedded in jewelry or seals.

Hematite deposits

Hematite is a relatively widespread and available stone. Locations in the world are in America, Brazil, Canada, even in the Czech Republic in Horní Blatná near Karlovy Vary. Exciting hematites with kidney surface are mined in Morocco; their surface erupted in metal bubbles.

pendant hematite crossThe cross from Hematite in the picture on the left shows us its fascinating steel-glossy color.
The cross has a hole through the side, where can be pulled a leather strip (to your purchase of a cross, black leather strip on the neck for free) and wear a cross like a necklace or hang it in the car as a talisman against wrong decisions and subsequent disasters.

Hematite and energy

As already mentioned, magical properties have been attributed to precious stones since the beginning of ages. Today, it is preferably used for its high revitalizing and energizing effects. Hematite is one of the stones with strong energy vibrations that can also be felt even by people who do not have evolved psychotropic perception or healing abilities. Vibrations in hematite are powerful, even stronger than crystal.

These vibrations ground energies and equalize their flows that pass through individual acupuncture points. In Chinese medicine, these acupuncture points are called meridians. With such grounded hematite, man as a complex becomes stronger and more resilient to external negative influences that disrupt with peace and harmony inside. As a stronger personality, we also better deal with addictions such as smoking, overeating or with various anxieties and persecution complex.

Hematite and effects

On a physical plane, hematite has powerful regenerative capabilities. It helps to cleanse individual organs, mainly the skin and kidneys, which helps to cleanse both internally and externally.

hematite with bubele surfaceIn this picture is a collector's highly prized natural Hematite with a kidney surface coming from Morocco.

Just be careful, the hematite should never be used for a too long term and people with any inflammation or thyroid problems should completely avoid it.

hematite in crystal

This picture shows a unique crystal with inclusions from the red hematite of Madagascar.

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How to clean the hematite

Clean the hematite by rinsing it shortly under a flow of lukewarm water and charge it for a long time in the sunlight. Some people use hematite to clean stones instead of crystal. We can not confirm this hematite property yet, but not at the same time refute it.

hematite stones
In the picture are tumbled hematite stones.

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