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In tourmaline crystal necklace (45 cm)

In tourmaline crystal necklace (45 cm)

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More about crystal


- Length of the necklace: 45cm
- Jewelery necklace has a handle
- Made of chopped smoothly cut stone

Effect of stone and its use:
It is used for cleaning the interior space of negative energy by placing stones in each corner of the room (after cleaning the area - about a week - it happens sometimes that the whole stone can all turn black inside), tourmaline stone is natural and brings into our everyday life in conjunction with crystal peace and harmony. Rejuvenates, soothes and harmonizes both mental and physical side of man. Health and tourmaline has a good effect on blood circulation and proper heart function. It prevents against viral diseases, helps with digestive problems, promotes metabolism, regulates the endocrine glands, soothes asthma and slows the progression of Parkinson's disease. Conjunction with tourmaline crystals still multiplies his strength and healing abilities. We clean under running water, charge and indefinitely even in direct sunlight.

The strength of stone:
harmonious unity of opposites, total cleansing, intellectual development, knowledge that wisdom lies in the eternal life of God's truth, knowledge karmic causes, treatment subconscious blockages, forgiveness, grace, pain, depression, speech

Stones in sign:
Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Type of jewelry

Mineral treatment

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