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Labradorite is a beautiful mineral belonging to the feldspar gemstones. Around labradorite you can easily go unnoticed if you look at it from the wrong perspective. But once you see its beautiful shine that light to kick off their colorful show, you'll love this stone. This game color is technically called labradorizace and causes it to refraction of light in different layers within the stone. Labradorizace is exceptional in every stone and it really is worth seeing with your own eyes. Labradorites you can buy at the shop Actual color of the stone is greenish to gray color labradorizace each stone is different and may contain all the colors of the rainbow, sky blue, turquoise blue, greenish, yellow, gold and orange. We recently saw a unique pink and purple reflections labradorite. 

Labradorite sites

The best-known site of labradorite with beautiful labradorizací are Madagascar, Canada, Labrador, where it was first discovered in the 18th cent. Another well-known site in Norway on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Greenland, Mexico, USA and Australia. Labradorites crystals forming in nature , but are found as a layered rock bits and contain 50-70% calcium and 50-30% sodium. Labradorizace for some pieces seen in the structure of natural stone, really stands out to polish the stone (called Tumbled) or grinding stone to smooth rounded shape.

labradorite   labradorite blue glitter   labradorite

Wonderful examples of labradorite gemstones. The picture on the left, cut the layers of stone and how it refracts light in them, causing this colorful rainbow show. The picture in the middle is labradorite with really unique labradorizací in a sky blue hue. On the right picture you can see labradorite with beautiful golden sheen, which is in the upper left intertwined with flesh-colored to pink to purple. This labradorizace is rather unusual.  

Labradorite and its use in the treatment of stones 

Just like in the middle of the gray stone shining colors of the rainbow, and labradorite brings light into our forgotten memories in the dust of everyday life. S labradorite brushing up not only memories of childhood, while still remembering this straight or solve some facts that we can weigh up to adult age. source Labradorit helps remove these blockages that are based on childhood experiences. This labradorite frees us from fear, nightmares and fears, and harmonizes the mind, which is soothed and balanced. This is how the mind calms down inside, it also stabilizes the aura that easily withstands negative thoughts and negative attacks. 

The medicine is used labradorite ability to heal the body from stress and phobias that are deeply rooted in our minds. The tension that removes labradorite, may be physical in nature, such as high pressure or tension during menstruation. Labradorite has a hidden internal heat, which is able to transmit the body and thus protects us against cold. Labradorit of is an excellent stone for the autumn and winter, when we carry it with you at all as a bracelet or pendant that you do not wear directly on the body, just know that we have it together. During the summer you can sometimes get laid in a bowl of water while on the window, to be charged by solar energy, which we passed in the flurries. 

silver pendant labradorite   natural labradorite   labradorite bracelet

Jewelry from labradorite picture on the left and right warms us in a harsh winter and protect us from colds and prostydnutím. Due to the ability to heat labradorite is very suitable to wear bracelet labradorite against uncomfortably cold hands. The picture in the middle you see the raw labradorite from Madagascar, which has a polished only one side, the other side left natural.  

It is interesting that Labradorit is able to absorb all the energy that can radiate stones in the vicinity. Therefore, to us labradorite well served, do not combine it with other stones. This means that if I wear labradorite in combination such as crystal, labradorite absorbs all the energy crystal. To us labradorite will act only when crystal remove to a distance. Labradorit not give the location where you reach the sunlight, but we clean it under running lukewarm water, charge it in mističce with water, which momentarily put on the window. source 

precious stone labradorite

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