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Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli or a fairy tale of a thousand and one night. This beautiful gemstone has all the possible colors of the night sky from the dark blue, golden stars to the blue sky in the morning dawn. The golden glitter of the lapis lazuli is made up of small pieces of pyrite that make this precious stone as a night sky with stars. Lapis lazuli is a stone of very rich history because it was trendy in ancient Egypt and was abundantly traded in the ancient Mesopotamia of Ur city.

Already at that time in the Mediterranean area of this gemstone were made of jewels and statues of gods. Very rare finds of jewelry and decorative items have been discovered by scientists in pyramids in Egypt. An example of the most significant find is the posthumous golden mask of Pharaoh Tutanchamon, which is richly inlaid with emeralds, carnelians, and most Lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli, occurrence and locations

Largest lapis lazuli mining site in the world is in the northeastern part of Afghanistan, with other deposits in Pakistan, India, Burma, Colorado and California, even Siberia and Baikal in Russia. Unfortunately, the sites in the Czech Republic are not known. The main ingredient of Lapis lazuli is the mineral lazuryt, which is the cause of the fascinating color of this precious stone.

In the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli was ground into a powder, blended with oil and a mixed with wax and used as a very expensive ultramarine dye. The powder shadows of the crushed lapis lazuli also used Egyptian Queen Cleopatra to frame the eyes that are so typical for her.

Lapis lazuli in esoteric

The people dealing with esoteric believe that lapis lazuli opens the Third Eye (the forehead area) and leads us to God's way. Buddhists, on the other hand, believe that it is possible to find a state of enlightenment or nirvana using lapis lazuli. During this state, people realize that their existence is the only relative, and then they can escape from pain, hatred, and suffering. When looking at lapis lazuli, surely each of us realizes the size of the universe and the mighty power of nature when it has created something such unique. Some sensitive people who tend mystique give a piece of lapis lazuli from under a pillow, and this stone brings them dreams with visions of the future. To us, ordinary people, lapis lazuli brings a detached view at the minor problems and leads us to a spiritual path that, if we follow, come to the wisdom that humanity has gained for centuries.

silver lapis lazuli braceletThe silver bracelet with lapis lazuli reminds of Queen Cleopatra's jewelry, and at the present day, this bracelet is an extravagant jewel.

lapis lazuli drilled pendantsIn the picture are lapis lazuli stones, which can be worn as a pendant. There is seen the variedness of blue shades on it.

Lapis lazuli effects not only in the spiritual but also in the physical plane, where it again helps mostly in the area of the head. The healers use lapis lazuli to remove headaches, migraines and even depression. It has a beneficial effect on nerves and dizziness, as it reduces high pressure in the head area. Lapis lazuli, after each use, we cleanse under a stream of lukewarm water, and we charge it in the moonlight, the energy of which we can still support with the crystal of crystal. In direct sunshine, we only charge lapis lazuli for a short time.

lapis lazuli pendants on leather lapis lazuli polished stonesPeople with a tendency to clairvoyance fall asleep with lapis lazuli, and it brings them clairvoyant dreams. In the picture, you can see the beautiful dark lapis lazuli, which is littered with pieces of pyrite. It is very appreciated because then the whole stone reminds of the night sky with the stars.

lapis lazuli tumbled stones

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