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natural moldavite from ChlumMoldavite is a natural glass of unique green-bottle color. This unique tektite originating only from the Czech Republic especially from the South Bohemia, where this gemstone, near to Týn nad Vltavou, as the first one discovered Prince Kinsky. His finding and the stone itself - named as a Chrysolite - described in 1787 dr. Josef Mayer.

moldavite from ChlumThe name Moldavite appears for the first time at the 1891 Jubilee National Exhibition in Prague. It was named by the Czech river Vltava; the international name Moldau indicates this river as well.

besednice moldaviteEach Moldavite has a unique surface structure, professionally called sculpting. This surface structure corresponds to the locality of finding, soil acidity and subsoil mobility. Moldavites are found in the sandy or gravelly subsoil, which naturally moves and smears the surface of the gemstone.

moldavitesThe Moldavites in these pictures with the bland surface come from the South-Bohemian location Chlum. There is a stone with the surface of a unique and distinctive structure in the third picture, characterizing Moldavites from Besednice, popularly called as Hedgehogs and therefore collectors call this locality as a hedgehog factory.

Moldavites formation and origin

The formation of Moldavites caused a colossal meteorite that hit the territory of today's Germany 15 million years ago. The meteorite landed between Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich and the crater that created is currently called Ries. People may ask how the meteorite in Germany is related to the formation of Moldavites in Czechia? The giant meteorite hit the German territory at an acute angle and was so hot during the flight through the atmosphere that as it fell, drops of molten rock and parts of the meteorite spilled on the territory of today's Southern Czechia and partly the southwest Moravia. inclines to this theory, although there exist maybe three theories that explain the formation of Moldavites, which many of scientists still dispute.

The reason why we believe in theory about large meteorite formatting these gemstones was that Moldavites contain a rare substance called Lechatelierite, which is impossible to find anywhere on our planet. Lechatelierite is a natural quartz glass that can get to yellow color, green or brown and forms an integral part of moldavites, according to ability how to recognize the authenticity of these different precious stones. Another exciting thing is that moldavites almost do not contain water, in comparison to other volcanic glasses, such as obsidian, which contains water.

Moldavite occurrence and properties

silver moldavite heart pendantsMoldavite is a quartz glass of cosmic origin and is found in South Bohemia, specifically Chlum, Nesměň, Radomilice, Strpí, Dobrovská Lhotka, Besednice and other fall fields between České Budějovice, Trhové Sviny and Prachatice. Probably the most interesting are moldavites coming from Besednice, nicknamed hedgehogs, keeping up their spiked appearance and a unique color. The village of Besednice is very well-known out of many media. There were many fields or forests owners in this region having troubles with illegal miners finding Moldavites at night and able to dig up two-meter pits overnight. Moldavites, as known, are in sandy subsoil circa about these places.

silver moldavite brings unique collectible pieces from the legal mining of Moldavites from Besednice. Rather than to risk an unpleasant night spent at the South Bohemian police, choose them comfortably from our e-shop. The occurrence of Moldavites in Moravia is relatively less frequent than in Southern Bohemia and Moldavites are green to greenish brown. Moravian Moldavites are found in the area of Southwest Moravia from Moravské Budějovice to Brno. Occasional occurrence of a Moldavite is recorded in Western Bohemia - Cheb, Dresden - Germany and also in Austria close to Horn. From all these locations, Moldavites are different and unique with their outer structure, which experts call sculptations. It reflects the mobility of the sand and gravel subsoil in which Moldavites are.

silver moldavite pendantThe beauty of Moldavite has fascinated people since ancient times, and that is why they fit it often into jewelry. Since people have been able to mold the Moldavites, unique jewels have been created. A great response to the Moldavite jewelry caused the gift to Queen Elizabeth II. from the Swiss government, which donated the platinum jewelry from Moldavite. These jewels came back into the sunlight. Moldavite is, in general, a fragile gemstone, so it is fit into precious metals with a rim to keep it safe.

tectites from sells silver jewelry with Moldavites, formed into different shapes and anyone can create his new jewels set. Also offers earrings with Moldavite, silver pendant with Moldavite or silver bracelet with Moldavite as well. Moldavites are also very popular in their natural structure, kept up on the silver pendant in the picture on the right. Have a look at an our offer on webpage Moldavite jewelry.

Moldavites in esoteric and healing

From ancient ages, have been attributed to Moldavites magical effects, just after people ceased to use them like blades of tools for the leather or food processing, such as the Aztecs obsidian. Moldavites have something cosmic and mysterious inside, and many healers use it as indicators of diseases, for example in the form of a Moldavite pendulum. Thus, the Moldavite can point out the illness that is still hidden inside the body and simultaneously supports the human body to recuperate from it. At the psychological level, with its subtle vibrations promotes the spiritual eyesight we look at ourselves and the surroundings, and the intuition that is necessary to avoid the danger.

In case of problems, moldavite helps us not only to preserve the sound judgment, but also the possibilities for the future. Perhaps for these qualities, the well-known British politician Winston Churchill wore Moldavite in his pocket.

On a physical level, Moldavite unblocks individual energy centers, where it charges us with cosmic energy and harmonizes and rejuvenates our body. Place the Moldavite on the single chakras at the relaxation, in toward out of the root chakra in the lower abdomen to the crown chakra. It helps us to accept the wisdom stemming from the cosmic knowledge.

Moldavite as an indicator and healer is very suitable for the early cancer growth. In Southern Bohemia, it was familiar that the groom gave to his bride a beautiful Moldavite to ensure long-lasting marriage.

Clean this gemstone carefully under warm water flow. Realize that the natural moldavite is a fragile glass, it is necessary to avoid slipping from the wet hands and damaging it on the ceramic washbasin. Charge Moldavite in the moonlight during the moon rising time or on the full moon.



Moldavites are unique gems, located only in the Czech Republic, specifically in the south of Bohemia and Moravia.

Similar stones to Moldavites have begun to appear in various parts of the world, such as in China or Australia. From the regions where Earth collided with celestial bodies, meteorites. These stones with meteorite origin are professionally called Tektites. Tektites can be of different age, color and size.

Types of Tektite

  • Moldavites - come from Czechia, they have a green-bottle color, also their surface and internal structure. Contain a unique lechatelierite that is found elsewhere than in this gemstone.
  • Bediasites - Tektites with the origin in North America are oval and have a black color
  • Ivorites - black Tektites coming from the southwestern part of Africa, specifically the area called the Ivory Coast
  • Irgizites - come from Kazakhstan, created by the meteorite 1 million years ago, and the crater after the meteorite is called Žamašin
  • Australites - Australites come from deserts and sand deposits in the western part of Australia, black colored and when looking at it against the light, getting darker brown
  • Asian Tektites - these stones are dated to the times up to 770,000 years ago, and the crater after meteorite impact has not yet been found; they are found in Asia and are named after various locations: Indochinites, Philippinites, Malaysinites, Javanites and Billitonites