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Natural agate slice 3 mm (Brazil)

Natural agate slice 3 mm (Brazil)

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- Listed price for 1pc
- The size of about 4-5.5 cm, weight approx 5-10 g
- Thickness 3 mm slice
- Origin of stone: BRAZIL
- Cutting surface is polished, every slice of its original structure

Type of stone:

Known sites:
almost all over the world - India, China, Mongolia, Yemen, Iraq, Indonesia, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, USA, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Morocco, Congo, Madagascar, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan, almost the whole of Europe, including the Czech Republic

There are endless range of colors agates from different countries, but most are for their significant effects used a fiery agate gray (red)

Effect of stone and its use:
stone structures that are color in a wide variety of earthy tones awakens the imagination and creativity, helps awareness of themselves and create your own protective shield against negative influences on us in today's world has become increasingly more frequent and intense. Whether it is protection of the psyche (better receiving criticism departure of a loved one) and property. If you want to protect your property, it is good in the corners to be protected areas (garden apartment) and before the entrance to deploy even small stones agate. Agate in all its variations (other than artificially colored variant) cleans negativity, creates a feeling of security and grounding. It is a stone that is linked to the base chakra (pelvic area) and specifically agates with cavities are highly valued as an amulet in pregnancy. It is a good example of a stone in the pelvis to encourage the flow of energy in this place.

Stones in sign:
Taurus, Scorpio (the scorpion with agate dampen their hypersensitivity, jealousy and vindictiveness)

Type of mineral


Mineral treatment

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