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Opal is a precious stone in which all the colors of the rainbow shine. On a milky to a slightly dark cloudy background shines the fiery red, sky blue, sun-yellow, periwinkle green and other colors you can imagine.

Opalescence, as this phenomenon is called, is caused by individual rays of light that penetrate together through a precious stone. Opal is a mineraloid, a professional name for a mineral that does not demonstrate crystallinity.

Since opals contain a relatively high percentage of water, opals are not right to be exposed to direct sunlight, as water can be lost and disrupted by cracks or color loss. So we can cleanse the opal for a long time by immersing it in a bowl of lukewarm water along with the crystal. We recommend this cleansing as often as possible and as long as possible. The opal we charge separately on the crystal druse best overnight, never in direct sunlight and preferably without the presence of other precious stones except for crystal.

Opal and its properties

Interestingly, a significant proportion of this precious stone is water, usually about 10% of the total weight of opal, but it can be between 6 and 20%. This water percentage causes the water from the opal to be lost when exposed to a high-temperature stone, and it can then crack to degrade the precious stone. Opal was formed from a gel mass of the so-called silicate, which contained water and bins of bivalves and other animals in the areas with the activity of volcanic hot springs spraying under intense pressure on the surface of the earth.

Opal and its locations

The largest opal mining site is in Australia, especially in the desert in the south, where more than 90% of the world's production comes from, and was also first discovered by Australian natives. Opals from are in small shapes, and still, many Australian opal seekers are hoping to find such a huge opal that could provide enough money to them until the end of their and their children lives.

Other world's locations are in the US, especially in the states of Nevada and Idaho, in the strip from the northern part of South America to Mexico, in the less known states of Honduras and Nicaragua. Opal also occurs in Africa in the state rich in the mineral resources of Ethiopia. Some types of opal can also be found in the Czech Republic in the fields around the town of Křemže near České Budějovice.

fire opal cabbochonsopal silver pendantsboulder opal from Australia

There are different types of opals in the pictures, all of them come from Australia.
Fire opal in the form, which is often used in jewelry, when opal is preserved in the parent rock.
Silver pendant with the precious opal, in the shape of doublets with beautiful and distinctive opalescence.
A rare boulder opal from Australia, which is primarily as if hidden in the rock and through its cracks shines.

yellow tumbled opals

Opal and its various species

an overview of opal species according to their designations:

Precious opal

opal silver braceletopal silver pendantPrecious opal is characterized by a high-quality play-of-color inside the stone and is one of the most popular opals ever. Already since antiquity, precious opal has been considered a mystical stone. The esoteric is valued not only for its beauty and colorful color but also for its ability to understand itself. Dear opal shows us our negative qualities that multiply enough to realize these deficiencies and to correct them. These harmful properties keep the opal in mind, and if we do not cleanse it thoroughly and charge with new energy, they can use this negativity. The confrontation of a person with his own negative emotions, which everybody holds hidden in himself, and now come out to the surface, can be painful, but this disillusionment could be simultaneously the remediation for oneself. So in the hands of a good man who has a pure conscience, the opal is a precious stone that brings happiness. Opal can be used in all energy centers (chakras) that affect harmonic energy flow. Therefore, if there is a disruption of energy flow, there is an imbalance in the organism, which can be manifested by decreased organ function, weakness or loss of vitality. In case of problems, we put precious opal on a painful or otherwise troublesome site, but after use, it will not be forgotten to clean and recharge. You can combine beautiful opal jewelry with each other in spite of the fact that each precious opal is unique. The bulk of all precious, precious opals are processed to exciting opal jewelry.

Black opal

As the name implies, black opals are black, but the fact is a bit different. Black opal is just darker in color than other opals and comes from Australia, the area of New Wales. Black opal is a powerful stone that wipes out evil and inconvenience, including mental states of excessive fear such as depression or other phobias.

Fire opal

fire opalfire opal cabbochonsFire opals are opals which, with their opalescence, resemble the flames of fire. The world's largest site of this gemstone is in Mexico, in the area of ??Querétaro, in the middle of this dangerous country. The burning fire hidden in this precious stone cleanses our body with its heat and creates an endless vitality in people susceptible to laziness and apathy. Only choleric persons that are prone to unpredictable blasts of anger should avoid fire opals from as these uncontrollable feelings fire opal even multiplies. However, everyone else rids of the stereotype and raises desires for new experiences and adventures. Fire opal shines upon us with its life-giving flames that cleanse us from inactivity and impulsive decisions of our lives and bring joy. The image on the left is a fire opal with a distinctive opalescence in the mother rock, and in the picture on the right are the opal cabbochons, where you can also find the fire opal.

Dendritic opal

Dendritic opal

It is a precious stone in which manganese inclusions create black spots, dendrites resembling small veins in the human body.

The dendritic opal from demonstrates us to nature as it is in the raw, and we realize that only the rhythm of nature and its laws are the right things to follow and what we should live for. The way we tune into natural rhythms, this also harmonizes our whole body, which then better resists the negative influences of the environment.

Andean opal

andean opal tumbled stonesandean opal braceletIt is a species with an unusual pink color that causes the manganese admixture. Like other precious stones of pink color, it leads us to an unselfish love not only to our loved ones but to all living that move or grow on our planet. Andean opal is the most significant strength of the heart chakra, where it helps us to overcome chaos and mistrust, and we can better manage situations when we go out in public without unnecessary stress and nervousness. The way how the andean opal purchased at calms our pulse and our hearts at the psychological point of view, this way also comes about physically placation as it does not overload it with unnecessary stress. Among the other opals, this different pink color without distinctive opalescence, it is andean opal. It is a stone of kindness and love.

Jewelry with opal stones

opal jewelry

There are many types of opal, and all are used in jewelry. The price of this jewelry can move in very high numbers. It may also be the origin of the name "opal," which may come from Sanskrit, the ancient Buddhist language, from the word Upala, which in translation means valuable.

The name may also come from the Greek word Opallios, which means a change or to change, and apparently points to the optical effects that precious opals of characterize. Between these two and other hypotheses are still disputes and we can say that the experts tend to the first one.

The opals have been cut as best as to exhibit their play-of-color inside, which means a smooth polished lens or doublets. The shape of the lens is slightly convex from one side; the doublet is rather of flat, smooth and thin shape. The shape called the triplet covers the precious opal from the top with glass, plastic or crystal. In any case, opal jewelry is embedded in a precious metal trimming, for example, silver, which protects the brittle precious stone from damage.

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