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Relax and meditate with stones

If you still feel tired, for it can certainly gloomy autumn weather. And this is the time to relax and rest, to play with taste and good humor enjoyed the autumn, maybe a little drizzly weather, but also a nice pre-Christmas bustle. Great start to relax is to get a place and time to yourself, such as your favorite chair where you want a nice warm blanket and a moment where you are at rest. At the beginning of each proper rest, calm rozběhaného rhythm, if only for 10 minutes. For starters, just at this moment to stop, then you can try to listen to your own breath or take a meditative position. Very effective but relaxation with stones that can influence us and in us can arouse pleasant feelings. Stones in relaxing you can just stick in your hand, or have laid in its vicinity. Each stone has energy zones in the body, called chakras. In these areas, gemstones have the greatest influence and power over these zones help us harmonize energy throughout the body.

Precious stones and relaxation

Let's look at gemstones and their role in relaxation or meditation.

Purple and clear stones (rock crystal, amethyst)

Purple and clear stones are stones of pure mind, concentration and supersensible perception. We can mention for example the following gemstones: clear crystal and diamond, amethyst purple colored, čaroit, sugilit, purpurit or purple fluorite. The purple and clear stones operate mainly at the highest point of our head and this chakra is called the crown chakra. While relaxing you can hold in the palm of a pebble, or have stones in their vicinity, so you are perceived or seen them directly, at a deeper meditation is even recommended to lay popular stone in place of chakra, ie the highest point of your head in the crown.

Crown Chakra stones

Blue stones (Lapis lazuli)

The blue colored stones, or rather we are talking about or significantly darker blue colored stones such as: lapis lazuli, sodalite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, Iolit and perhaps a little surprisingly falcon eye. These stones help us to harmonize mind, organize ideas and new findings draw the correct conclusions. Blue gemstones work best in the forehead, a forehead chakra, which we call the third eye. Try to relax when you lay in a minute or hold one of the above mentioned blue stone in the center of the forehead.

frontal chakra stones

Light blue and turquoise stones (aquamarine, chalcedony)

Light blue colored stones such as: aquamarine, chalcedony, turquoise, blue calcite, chrysocolla, moonstone blue with reflections or larimar, active mainly in the neck, which helps us to communicate better, especially to choose the right words, avoid profanity or against seizing. The effect of these stones to the throat area, which is also the throat chakra helps us to improve our speaking skills and also dispels all evil words that pulls us into his mouth irritation, stress or fatigue.

throat chakra stones

Pink stones (rose quartz, rhodochrosite)

The pink-colored stones such as rose quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, kunzite, Andean Opal, morganite and pink calcite stones are feeling and love. These stones works best in areas of the heart where the heart chakra, opening our soul love and maternal affection without selfish needs and prejudices.

stones heart chakra

Green stones (malachite, aventurine)

Also green colored gemstones active in the heart, but rather than to love lead us to calm down, especially harmony and mostly calm stress, which is related and fluctuating blood pressure and heart disease. Green stones like aventurine, malachite, green fluorite, jade, jade, peridot, emerald, Prehnite, green calcite, chrysoprase and chrysocolla, affects us their green color. Take your favorite stone in his hand and imagine how beautiful you are walking through the forest or nature full of refreshing green. And have you tried to massage his temples Aventurine stones?

heart chakra stones

Yellow stones (amber, citrine)

Yellow stones are just right for cold autumn and winter days, because of their yellowish glow brings to our souls and vigorous sun warms our tired and sad mind the sun. Yellow colored stones are the right gemstones against chmurám and depression. We can mention: citrine, amber, golden topaz, yellow fluorite, tiger eye, yellow and gold and golden calcite crystals sagenitu in the crystal. Yellow colored stones have the greatest effect in the abdomen and specifically the navel where the umbilical chakra or solar plexus chakra. Relaxation with a favorite amber-colored stone, recommended especially for people who are prone to stress due to gastric neurosis, but fresh yellow color of these stones will appreciate everyone who lacks the warm caress of the sun.

navel chakra stones

Orange stones (carnelian, fire agate)

Orange stones are stones vitality and life-giving energy. Orange stones such as carnelian, fire agate, sunstone and orange calcite, are stones that support the creativity and energy. These stones mainly active in the area below the navel, at a place called the sacral chakra. These stones supporting a zest for life and a merry mood.

sacral chakra stones

Red stones (jasper, garnet)

Red and brown colored stones such as garnet, red jasper, ruby, dark red carnelian, hematite, iron tiger and bull's eye, promote energy emanating from the very depths of man. This energy is called kundalini and is very connected not only with the desire for life, but also with sexual desire. Red colored stones operates in the lowest chakra, that chakra base. Meditate or just relax with a stone lying in her lap.

base chakra stones

Gemstones are not only beautiful decoration but also a pleasant companions during relaxation or meditation. In the pre-Christmas rush, you might think that it is time to stop for a moment and relax in the pleasant company of stones. Just a few minutes tonight before bedtime or during the lunch break and this moment you will find a new energy, thanks to which it can manage maybe more.

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