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Rhodonite necklace (90cm)

Rhodonite necklace (90cm)

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- necklace length: 90cm
- The necklace is complete
- made of chopped smoothly processed stones


Properties of the stone and its use:
The main mission of rhodonite is to harmonize opposites: it teaches us to accept opinions that deviate from our beliefs, helps us resolve conflicts, inconsistencies, and teaches us to understand our own mistakes and learn from them. As a Rodochrozite, it teaches us selfless love, understanding, tolerance for ourselves and others, and helps remove blocks in the heart chakra. It heals in the chakra of the throat bronchus, lungs, also has a positive effect on the thyroid gland and significantly supports metabolism.

Stone strength:
critical consideration, tolerance, patience, solutions adapted to change, unification of opposites, self-confidence, support of heart activity, blood circulation and lungs, thyroid gland, metabolism in tissues, metabolism, central nervous system, fertility

Stones in the sign:

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