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Strombus sinuatus

Strombus sinuatus

Strombus sinuatus

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shell length: 90-95 mm
shell width: 58-62 mm
shell height: 40-45 mm
Weight approx: 60g

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variability in color, shade and shape of shells reserved
(Approximate dimensions and weight)

Strombus sinuatus

Czech name: conch ruffled
Latin name: Strombus sinuatus
Superfamily: Stromboidea
Family: Strombidae

Occurrence: South Western Pacific
Colour: cream with orange patterning

The occurrence of this type of shell is relatively rare. Conch ruffled interesting not only in color, but also the building shell. Body conch has a strong, firm, medium and large shell in cream color with a matte finish. A regular helical blade that is slightly convex, comprises a number of short longitudinal lines on which the white-yellow growths. The top blade shell is quite sharp in the shade of a light pink color. The beige thread is created and the highest point is centimeter growth on the back of the shell. Whole body thread shells is covered with fine grooves which extend towards the mouth and are more pronounced. The lower part of the body is relatively flat and there is a darker color than the top surface of the shell. The whole estuary shells are widespread and resembles the shape of large and broad wings. Exterior wavelike obústí comprises three flat, rounded outgrowths, but these kinds of conch may have up to five protuberance. Inside obústí is protected by a relatively wide but short trim cream color with orange patterning. At the bottom of the shell is one more interesting place, and that is protruding part of the estuary, which is slightly curved upwards. The surface area of ​​the inner shells are shiny with a pink tinge, but in the depth shell goes pink to dark brown. Conch creases occur on coral sand, or in the shallow waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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