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Sun shining stone with its golden glitter belongs to the feldspar. This fine pearl in the drab background is probably caused by tiny particles of red hematite or copper and is true that the more particles it contains, the sun stone is darker. There are two types of sunstone, one species originating in India, which is orange with red hematite pieces, and the other known as the Oregon sunstone , which has a clear translucent to transparent base color with fine copper glitter. Prices sun stone in e-shop in the world can be really different, and the value depends on the quality of the gemstone color, size and location finding. 

Sunstone sites

Best known sites sunstone piece is in the U.S. as in some places around New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Virginia. Other sites in India, Russia, Siberia, or the south of Norway, Madagascar and Canada. 

sunstone   sunstone India

Sunstone - both figures are sun stones from India, which are ocher to orange base dotted with fine glitter. Silver earrings on the big picture below, where the sun set in stone are originally from the USA and are transparent to translucent base sheer colors, which are noticeable glitter copper or hematite.

Sunstone in healing

The human mind has a sun stone very positive effect. People brings good humor and cheerfulness, which can have a positive impact on the implementation of projects and completing complex tasks. Brings an optimistic view of the world around us and to themselves, vitality and energy into everything we do. Sunstone can be a good companion for overcoming mental illness in nature, such as depression or illness resulting from burnout. Sunstone to us not only brings the joy of little things but can also be black protector against evil thoughts or dreams that may interfere with our revitalizing sleep. 

In the physical plane sunstone helps improve immunity that prevents the negative effects undermine our health. Placing the sun stone under your pillow helps improve sleep that the body provides the necessary regeneration. Furthermore, by applying to different places brings healing sunlight, such as attaching to painful joints helps warm the joints in rheumatic problems attaching the neck helps to heal sore throat and chest by placing treats asthma. The sun stone from attach to taste and needs in different places that need to lose or regenerate. 

The sun stone is the stone of the sun and can therefore charge, as long as we need to be even throughout the summer in direct sunlight. Over the winter, then use the warm properties. Sunstone cleaned under running water or crystal species. 

Silver earrings sunstone

Sunstone widely used in jewelry as it is fairly well-processable due to its hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness is the 6th site. Earrings from sunstone pendant jewelry are very popular, but due to the diversity of natural material, every stone in unique jewelry and unique. It is not possible to provide the world were the same two jewels of the sun stone. 

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