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Tiger Eye

Gemstone tiger eye belongs to a group called Quartz gemstones. Tiger Eye is very eye-catching golden brown sheen that arises reflected rays from individual fibers within the structure of striped stone. Golden brown color tiger eye, whose great offer please e-shop, caused by iron oxides. Tiger Eye is a pseudomorph mineral. This means that the original crystals comprising silicates have been replaced by other minerals while retaining the appearance and dimensions of the stone vary but the hardness and other properties of the mineral. 

Jewelry with stone tiger eye 

Tiger eye occurs quite frequently and is well affordable. Satin gloss golden tiger's eye it directly determines for use in jewelry. Tiger eye jewelry to nebrousí into the diamond cut, but in round shapes of Mugla and lenses that can emphasize the beauty and shine of this gemstone. Often polished tiger eye creates an optical effect called cat's-eye. This effect creates the stone cut into a lot of prominent oval cabochon light bar that acts as if the stone as the light moves on him. Tiger's eye with a golden sheen looks very warm, it is often set in silver, with which interesting contrasts. Silver jewelry with tiger eye and other precious stones, visit our online store   

tiger eye stones   silver pendant tiger eye   Silver earrings tiger eye

Tiger Eye picture on the left is from South Africa and the stones are smoothed (tumbled) to excel gold satin sheen that is typical for Tiger Eye. Silver pendants, as well as silver earrings protects Tiger eye cabochon cut into shape, to prevent damage to the stone. 

Tiger eye sites 

The best-known site of tiger's eye in the world is in South Africa. Tiger eye from this area can be viewed or purchased at the online store Another world famous site of tiger's eye are in USA, Australia, China, India and Sri Lanka. 

Tiger Eye in the esoteric

Tiger Eye, as discovered, also has a significant effect on the human psyche and human health. Tiger Eye combines the golden luster, which opens our minds optimistic thoughts full of hope, while grounding the black thoughts that prevent us from living a full and contented life. Tiger Eye combines various aspects of man into one harmonious whole and its effects using healers to treat diseases split personality, schizophrenia professionally. The golden sheen tiger's eye dispels all exaggerated claims that to ourselves or others we have and helps us in our own self-realization and self-introspection. 

Tiger Eye in the hands of an experienced healer helps with diseases of the joint and musculoskeletal system, especially in fractures or muscle spasms. At the same time soothes asthma symptoms and headaches or migraines caused great pressure on the psyche that creates our environment and the demands that we place on ourselves.  

tiger eye pendant

Bullish a falcon eye, tiger iron and pietersit

Other interesting stones like tyger eye structure or relative:

Bull's Eye 

Bull's eye is very similar tygřímu eye, against which the bull's eye color to red to burgundy. Satin gloss bull eye is very similar tygřímu eye, only the hue is different. In esotericism is a stone symbolizing vitality and bullish determination. 

Bull's Eye Pendant   bull's eye massage soap

Bull's eye pendant in the shape of a regular drop points on the same structure as the Tiger's Eye, Bull's Eye, however, we are fascinated by their colors similar to red wine. Bull's eye-shaped soap on the right image can be used on all areas of the body where it is needed to supply energy.  

Falcon's Eye

Falcon's Eye is partially transformed into a tiger eye stone aggregate has the same luster as the eye of the tiger, but has a grayish to bluish tint. Falcon's eye, as the name suggests, helps to sharpen the eyes and other senses to help us by looking into your own heart and into the future or the past. Falcon Eye also gives us a broad view of us as a person, the life we ​​live and the problems that we find better solutions. In the physical plane scatters falcon eye pain stiff spine and neck, which recommended massage massage soap. 

falcon eye stones   falcon eye bracelet + bull's eye

Falcon's eye stones in the picture on the left has a slight bluish tint. In contrast, the bracelet composed of Bull, Tiger and Falcon eye really shows the blue stone polished into beads.  

Tiger iron 

Tiger iron is a mixture of tiger's eye, jasper and hematite, which creates a special striped structure. Tiger iron is a strong vibration stone that connects the vital red jasper, hematite strongly energizing and grounding fine tiger eye. This connection tiger iron, whose rich range go to, strengthens us against hate attacks from the area in respect of which we stay calm detachment, and at the same time strengthens us in the field of physical endurance. Tiger iron helps us to get rid of viruses and other substances from our body, especially against viral disease of the respiratory tract, kidney and harmful substances from the digestive and urinary tract. 

tiger iron eggs   tiger iron

Tiger iron in the picture on the left is egg-shaped, which shows beautiful striations of this gemstone. Tiger iron is composed of tiger's eye, red jasper and hematite, which is on the eggs and sliced ​​at right shows. 


Pietersit is compared to the amount designated by the lesser-known gems. Pietersit was discovered from a mineralogical point of view relatively recently, in 1962 in Namibia Sid Pieters, according to which this gemstone is named. Today Pietersit still mined in China, but Namibia plays in mining pietersitu still prim appearance Pietersitu, the jewelry and gemstones you can buy the e-shop, commemorates the storm, which was created by geological processes that operate on the individual fiber layers this gemstone. Even though it looks pietersitu reminds storm, it's rock stability and decisiveness. Pietersit gives us the ability to create your goals in life for which we are then able to go and implement them. In addition, it helps us to concentrate and breaks manifestations caused by nervousness or uncertainty, such as sweating, bad breath and dizziness. 

silver pendant pietersit   pietersit massage soap

Pietersit is a relatively recently discovered gemstone and is interesting in its structure reminiscent bouři.Zajímavé silver jewelry can be purchased at pietersitem 

Tiger, Bull and Falcon's eye, tiger iron and Pietersit are not particularly sensitive stones, so you can charge indefinitely in direct sunlight. Before charging recommended stones and even clean it under lukewarm water or overnight in mističce water together with the crystal. 

Bracelet Tiger's Eye + Bull's Eye + falcon eye

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