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Budha and dorje

Buddha is a person who, through pure renunciation, fair and straightforward life, and meditation, has achieved enlightenment, thus interrupted the cycle of rebirth. Initially, the word Buddha was more of a title, today called by the name, the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama. The Buddha figure in Zen Buddhism means perfection and eternal truth. The figure of Buddha is typical of its elongated lobes, symbolizing perceptual ability, hands laid in the lap with the sign of meditation, chubby Buddha a sign of satisfaction and happiness. In Bohemia, we also meet with the name of Budha, with just one letter D.

Ceremonial vajras and meditation dorjes are handmade pieces of one piece of crystal. Vajra is a meditative and ceremonial aid, which is a regular center and two symmetrical shoulders springing from it, like lotus flowers. Dorje has the shape of a cross, and four carved symmetrical shoulders spring from the center. The cross dorje is used for meditation, and it brings a purification of spirit and brings pure energy to your body as well. The cross dorje held in one hand by tipping one of the thumbs opposing tip into the little finger, the protruding point between the fingers, sticking to the middle of the palm and the opposite one lean against the middle finger.

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