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Shells and pearls bracelets

Pearl bracelets for women with cultivated taste. The fine pearl tint underlines the natural beauty of the woman's hand, whether it is a young girl, a working woman or a mature lady. We emphasize the simplicity of a pearl bracelet that fits for everyday wearing and social events. The pearl bracelets match perfectly with bright clothing and contrast with the dark color of the dress.

The bracelet can be complemented by pearl earrings and pearl necklaces from our rich offer. Pearl jewelry is the right gift for every woman, so we offer you ready-made sets of pearls in gift boxes.

The bracelets from the shells evoke memories of a carefree summer by the sea, days full of sunshine and warm evenings. Are these jewels purely summer matter? Try to take a bracelet over a black turtleneck sweater or work jacket and make a summer mood even in the winter.

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