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Let's say something about the rock, whose versatile use will undoubtedly surprise you. The speech is about the carbon rock, which originates from the shores of Lake Onega, in the Karelian village of Shunga in northwestern Russia, where is the only location and according to it also bears its unusual name - "ŠUNGIT" or "SHUNGITE".

The peculiarity of shungite is not only the unclear origin of its formation; it is rather a mystery, but the composition as well. It contains almost half of all elements of the periodic table and carbon in an unusual form, so-called Fullerenes, which are more efficient than the classic carbon form, and which additionally helps determine the quality of the gemstone. In the rest of its composition, we also find silicates, mica, ferric oxides, magnesium, potassium or other elements. The most fabulous feature, undoubtedly, its advantages are the possibilities of use. It is hard to find a gemstone, or if you want a rock, competing with the number of potential applications and whose positive effects are in many cases additionally scientifically verified.

How can Shungite help us?

... for example with a water treatment!

We have been able to see a lot of household water treatment systems in recent years. These devices work on different principles, various sizes and differences in a complexity of installation depending on the quality of water treatment we expect. Most of these devices, of course, relates one common feature, a high price. But we could also often to argue against their real positive activities.

Against these expensive solutions for water treatment is a shungite with its sorption, catalytic and especially bactericide capabilities. There can be captured up to 98% of all bacteria and viruses occurring in the water. Drinking water is thanks to shungite freed from chlorine, ammonia and nitrate compounds, organic compounds but also oil products (recently discussed, ubiquitous microplastics), many metallic elements or bacteria. Last but not least, the shungite can remove from your drinking water the information about the unhealthy substances that were previously found in it, thus rectifies the so-called energy memory of water. By using shungite is caused so-called shungite water.

What is Shungite water?

Shungite water is not only cleaner than water from your faucet. Shungite stone eliminates all negative informations out of the previously polluted water, and it subsequently reaches new, say positive energy values. Thanks to this, shungite water is more refreshing and significantly increases the effects of treating of skin diseases, allergies and other problems. Likewise, shungite water also positively affects the psyche, from which it helps to remove tensions and stress, thus contributes to the overall relaxation of the organism.

shungite powderYou can use almost all kinds of shungite from our e-shop to create shungite water.

Suitable is a shungite powder, crushed shungite, small tumbled or unprocessed pieces or larger pieces of different shapes. A very interesting enhancement of the shungite effect is using a shungite pyramid-shaped stone immersed into water. The pyramid, just due to its shape, intensifies its positive effects if we put it in the water for 48 hours and place the container in a bright area. The arisen pyramidal water is excellent for drinking and also helps in the cosmetic field. Significant achievements provides in the process of wrinkle removal, skin cleansing, allergic rash, psoriasis, dandruff, and general hair damage with everyday unfavorable effects. Try it and let this miracle of nature to have a beneficial impact on your mental and physical health. There is also the other option besides shungite water.

Shungite against electromagnetic radiation? Yes!

You have certainly heard about the unfavorable effects of electromagnetic radiation. We are exposed to this radiation daily from our screens, from all sorts of transmitters and receivers, of course, from more and more commonly used mobile phones and other devices. It has been proved that the effects of, for example, cell phones, cause warming up parts of the body. There also come about difficulties such as headaches, tiredness or sleep disturbances. The good news for all of us is that even with this issue shungit demonstrably knows own advice. Its carbon structure and chemical composition can absorb this radiation and thus actively eliminate the adverse effects of our environment on our health.

shungite pyramid

How to use shungite for this purpose? There are again more possibilities. If you want to protect your whole family against electromagnetic radiation, it is appropriate to place a shungite pyramid in the house or room.

Such a small few centimeter sized pyramid conveniently directed by one side to the north uses the properties of the gemstone itself but also the effect of the amplifying shape of the pyramid and is thus able to absorb radiation from a distance of several meters. With our shungite pyramids of various sizes, you make your dwellings a healthier and better place to live without the adverse effects caused by the modern lifestyle.

shungite mobil phone slice

We let the most active emitter to have effect on the brain daily without thinking about its harmfulness, and that is a big mistake. It is very easy to set it right. Our mobile phone and its direct contact with our head is the mentioned emitter. How do we remove this influence of mobile phone? We have a solution called shungite plate for you. This small plate is with a sticky film on one side directly attached to your mobile phone. It takes care of the absorption of harmful electromagnetic radiation that would go directly into your brain.

The properties of shungite against electromagnetic radiation confirm a lot of foreign patents. You can quickly check it out in practice. Choose a shungite plate from our well-arranged offer or try our elegant shungite jewelry like bracelets, pendants or key chains for everyday wearing and ensure yourself a solid protection against electromagnetic radiation and other technogenic influences. Shungite worn with you like this will you recharge with energy, strength and determination to your everyday tasks and actions.

What another can "miracle" shungite make?

Do you expect from the shungite and the products made of it even more abilities? Then you do well. It is not all, what this extraordinary rock gives us. For relaxation and meditation purposes, we have selected shungite eggs and shungite spheres for you.

shungite egg

An egg is regarded as a symbol of birth, fertility, and abundance in healing and magic. Because of this magical shape is recommended as a mean of whole body massage, in which it can dispose of the negative energies and pains and, on the contrary, strengthen us the immunity that we all need so much in today's fast time.

Not only to take advantages of all the effects described above, but also to strengthen your hands, improve their ability to move, against numb feeling or hand shaking will excellently help you many exercises with so-called shungite spheres. The shungite spheres are also available in our offer and believe it is a proven relaxation and training tool, which in addition to the effects mentioned above, can improve and enhance memory and maintain your brain capacity.

Even shungite deserves care, how to?

As you can see, shungite is a truly versatile helper in various difficulties and simultaneously in their prevention. However, as with other healing stones, it is suitable for long-term use. For shungite spheres, pyramids, eggs, pendants and other larger shapes, rinse with hot water is enough. Shell gravel, fine grains and powder must be washed twice or three times a month according to the frequency of use. It is also suitable to perform regeneration of the shungite by immersing into a hot soda solution or vinegar for a few hours and then scour in running water. The process of cleaning and regeneration is just a petty forfeit, or if you want to give thanks to the shungite for the excellent service that brings our body and mind.

Assign this helper and protector of your mental and physical health to your life and improve the quality of life of your loved ones. Believe that both, you and they will appreciate its function.

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