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Massage stones

Massage with precious stones can make us a more pleasant day or evening, thus contributing to maximum relaxation of body and mind. We can massage a large area of the body, e.g., back, or just a specific painful site, such as sleeping, neck, drawn muscle, etc. Massage stones have a specific shape for different types of massage.

Massage soaps and bowls are beautifully shaped in the palm of your hand and are suitable for massaging larger areas or soft tissues, where the skin is rubbed with a gently swollen stump, e.g., back, sore muscles on the thighs and calves, and also gently abdominal massage.

Spot massage is done with stones of gems and semiprecious stones, which gently squeeze into the painful area and swirl according to the sensitivity or just let it work, such as bulging neck, foot soles, face temples during a headache.

The elongated stones and rounded sticks are suitable for yoga massage and the awakening of female energy, for problems with infertility and neuroses.

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