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Stone spheres

Unique gems are sanded and polished to the shape of a magical sphere. The ball shape is the esoteric symbol of absolute harmony, integrity, and perfection of the whole universe. It was interesting just the balls of lapis lazuli, which look like an endless night sky. At spheres of jasper, we enjoy its original play of color; calcite sphere is positive and gentle at the same time, the balls of amethyst are mysterious, contrast sphere of rose quartz gentle and loving, a ball from fluorite and shungite cleanse the environment from electromagnetic radiation.

Particular attention deserves a crystal ball that is used to divination and connect to other worlds or energy spectrums. Whether crystal ball used for meditation, rituals or as a decoration in the room, we can not forget the energy that radiates this ball and a certain mystique that attracts and seduces. According to esoteric experts, the sphere has a unique ability because, as opposed to a crystal that emanates energy from one point, the sphere radiates energy in all directions as well.

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