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Vases and bowls

Small bowls for storing the trifles, such as jewelry, coins, or favorite gems of smaller size. The bowls are also suitable for stones fumigation and energy charging. Precious stones, minerals, and semi-precious stones are first cleansed with rinsing of lukewarm running water and then placed on a bowl overnight with a crystal and hematite, preferably on a window sill, where it is left to recharge in the moonlight and then in the morning sun.

You can pour water into the bowl in the evening, which helps improve skin and overall health after leaving to stand till the morning. With water from the carnelian bowl, wipe the varicose veins, agate bowl water is appropriate and allergic skin reactions, malachite water improves the condition of the skin after an injury, aragonite water to eczema, water from the goniatite bowl improves the skin's defensive power. You can add water or crystals to the water.

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