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Charoite them in mineralogy recently discovered mineral. The first mention of Charoite are known only from the 40th 20th century Russia, specifically from Yakutsk in Siberia, which is characterized by a very inhospitable climate and poorly accessible terrain. Siberia is the only region in the world in which this gemstone is found. Name Charoite as found comes from the name of the river Line, which flows near the site.   

Charoite versus Sugilit 

Swirling colors of purple tones from light to dark us at first sight by its lively texture silky luster. Shades of purple coloring is caused by the chemical elements barium and strontium, of course, naturally. Charoite is very similar Sugilitu, but compared to this precious stone is purple in Charoite of lighter with a hint of violet-blue. The living structure made of stone Charoite very popular. Previously used as a raw material for the manufacture of ornamental objects, now widely used for the production of jewelry pendants, earrings and necklaces, and over time were discovered Charoite medicinal properties that are used in esoteric and alternative medicine sciences. source 


Charoite precious stone    Charoite silver bracelet   Tumbled charoite from Russia

The picture on the left is charoite in shades of dark purple, pictured left rather lighter lavender color. Both charoite are from Russia. The br√°zku middle is a silver bracelet with charoite, which is designed more for casual wear and style reminds bracelets from the late 19th century. 

Charoite & Esoteric 

The main action is in Charoite chakra crown of the head, forehead and heart, where it enclosed so that the contact with the skin, or worn as a pendant that you can choose from a wide range of silver pendants made from precious stones to In the heart chakra brings the experiences of a man fresh breeze and optimistic view of the world, opens the heart to all the selfless love. It's kind of ally for those who must obey listening, for example, in employment and make our meetings as a service to all mankind. The chakra crown of the head, where it enclosed in meditation, is a stone of transformation. It awakens in us the desire for knowledge of the self, suppressing our negative qualities and especially our egos. It helps to look beyond conventional problems from a higher perspective, promotes agility and quick decision-making ability. Stoking the forehead chakra us Charoite leads the way to God and helps us to perceive the world and all the events around us in all perfection and beauty. Suppresses rooted fear and uncertainty about the future. Particularly sensitive individuals by placing charoite the forehead chakra shows a vision of the past. 

In the physical plane charoite transforms negative energy in the healing power of the body. It supports proper functioning of the heart and metabolism. It helps in the treatment of autism and other illnesses both physical as well as mental nature caused by disturbance of the balance of opposites. At night we'll nugget charoite under the pillow and in our body heals itself so sleep is abstracted from everyday stress and full of pleasant dreams. Source:

Charoite cleaned and recharging in Crystal Druze as long as we do not feel themselves to be full of positive energy. Best we load the morning sun.  


Charoite pendant is worn closest to the heart that opens up clean and most selfless love. The gemstone is set in a silver Ag 925/1000. 

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