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Fluorite necklace longer mix larger stones

Fluorite necklace longer mix larger stones

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More about fluorite


- Length of the necklace: 82 - 84 cm
- Necklace is quite
- Made of chopped smoothly cut stone

Type of stone:

Characteristics of the stone and its use:
Given the plethora palette of pastel hues of fluorite, divide and its use by individual colors. Eg.  opens pink hearts, purple reigns over the chakra at the crown

The strength of stone:
meditation, concentration, flow of energy through the body and their connection with the earth spirit, intuition, recognizing ability, concentration, memory, nervous system, headaches, migraine, dissolving the ego, emotional awakening

Stones in sign:
Pisces, Aquarius

Type of jewelry

Mineral treatment

Type of mineral


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