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Jewelry by precious stones

Jewellery by precious stone

Agate and Agate Jewelry

Agate is one of the most famous gemstones that are conspicuous due to their banding or strapping ... More on focusing on agate jewelry

Aquamarine and aquamarine jewelry

Aquamarine gemstone in the colors of the sea , which has so many different colors , such as this stone ... More on focusing on jewelry made of aquamarine

Amazonite Amazonite and jewelry

Amazonite stones are among the very lively structure and amazonite solitaire with pearlescent ... More on focusing on jewelry made of amazonite

Amethyst and Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is a charming stone in violet color. Amethyst belongs to the quartz group ... More on focusing on amethyst jewelry

Aventurine - Aventurine , avanturinové jewelry

Aventurine is directly soothing elixir to our senses . View of the natural green colored Aventurine ... More on focusing on jewelry made of Aventurine

Bull's eye jewelry with a bull's eye

The stone bull's eye is very similar to its particular structure of the stone Tiger Eye . Bull's Eye has over ... more focused on the jewelry with the bull's eye

Citrine and jewelry from citrine

Sun-yellow citrine may have many colors from soft canary yellow to honey yellow ... more focused on the jewelry with citrine

Charoite, charoite jewelry

Charoite the esoteric healer and a favorite stone of less popular Russia. Right enchanting precious stones charoites comes ... more focused on the jewelry with charoite

Fluorite , fluorite jewelry

Gemstone fluorite has a lot of colors that can be combined together and merge ... more oriented to the fluorite jewelry

Garnet, garnet jewelery

Garnet popular gemstone that evokes in us feelings of sensuality and desire , as if to bite pomegranate ... More on focusing on garnet jewelry

Hematite, hematite jewelry

The mineral or gemstone called hematite is very rich in iron. In the raw state may have hematite brown- red shade of rust and is also part of some precious stones ... More on focusing on hematite jewelry

Chalcedon , jewelry made of chalcedony

Chalcedon is very close to the stones , such as agate , carnelian and onyx , as it belongs to a group of precious stones , even though they have different colors ... More on focusing on jewelry chalcedony

Jade and jade jewelry

Apple-green jade stone is very popular especially in China and Japan, where it is worshiped as a talisman of luck and my jade everyone has ... More on focusing on jewelry made ​​of jade

Amber and amber jewelry

Amber, radiant gold of our planet. I would be characterized this ancient mineralized resin of prehistoric trees that we our country is now returning from her womb as polished and shining stones. ... more focused on the jewelry with amber

Jasper and jasper jewelry

Earthy jasper , a large group belonging to the gemstones, which contains a large variety of species variants. It is a great variety of jasper and each species has a different color ... More on focusing on jasper jewelry

Calcite and calcite jewelry

Calcite is abundant and widespread for minerals that occur and form perhaps the most crystal shapes ... more focused on the jewelry with calcite

Carnelian and onyx jewelry

Calcite is abundant and widespread for minerals that occur and form perhaps the most crystal shapes ... More on focusing on jewelry made of carnelian

Crystal and Crystal Jewelry

Crystal is the base of the rocks and minerals. Personally, I consider it crucial cornerstone not only of mineralogical and collector's point of view but also from the perspective of esoteric ... more focused on the jewelry with crystal

Labradorite and labradorite jewelry

Labradorite , very charming gemstone in many forms. Labradorites group feldspars have a special appearance and properties where the greenish-gray stone beams of light cut through the incredible play of color reflections. ... more focused on the jewelry with labradorite

Lapis lazuli, lapis lazuli jewelry

Lapis lazuli , rock night , which stands out by its blue color reminiscent of a cloudless night sky , dotted with stars ... More on focusing on jewelry made from lapis lazuli

Larimar and larimar jewelry

Larimar is between a relatively new rock mineralogy , because what is a few tens of years to several million years, when the minerals and precious stones shaped ... more focused on the jewelry with Larimar

Magnesite and magnesite jewelry

Magnesite gemstone in fireclay white coloring. Magnesite is tenderly white stone , whose main component is magnesium , which form the name of the stone and also carbon that forms on the surface and inside the stone gray veins resembling lace ... more focused on the magnesite and jewelry

Malachite and malachite jewelry

Malachite , for someone feminine stone for someone stone of wisdom and knowledge. Malachite has an interesting royal green color and drawing, which is unique to each stone ... More on focusing on jewelry made ​​of malachite

Moonstone in jewelery

The gemstone known as the birthstone or even Adular , the cornerstone particularly suitable for women , this unique type of feldspar , which is the moonstone , stands out among the rest of its precious stones interesting feature called adularization . ... more focused on the jewelry with moonstone

Obsidian jewelry and obsidian

Obsidian is one of the precious stones of volcanic or magmatic origin: obsidian even among volcanic glass, gemstones , therefore , the occurrence of which caused a sharp lava bubbling to the surface , which cooled down so quickly that it was not enough to crystallize ... More on focusing on obsidian in jewelery

Olivine and jewelry from olivine

Olivine or Peridot , radiant and fresh gemstone that is hidden deep in the rocks , where it gets to the surface , such as volcanic activity or the extraction ... more focused on the jewelry with olivine

Onyx and jewelry made ​​of onyx

Onyx , a mysterious black gemstone that is in industries such as construction, where the onyx used as a wall covering, fireplaces and the production of pure luxury kitchen worktops character ... more focused on the jewelry with onyx

Opal and opal jewelry

Only a few people can not wonder at the Opal , which rightly belongs to the precious stones. The opal is interesting also its origin or origins ... more focused on the jewelry with opals

Pearls, jewelry made ​​of real pearls

Pearls are actually precious stones , but because it is a natural material , is important is in the list of jewelry with stones include ... more focused on the jewelery with pearls

Rhodochrosite and jewelry from rodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a fairly new stone that was among the gemstones included approximately around 1940. Stones and crystals rodochrosite ... more focused on the jewelry with rhodochrosite

Rhodonite Rhodonite and jewelry

Rhodonite is a pinkish gemstone that some people may be compared with rhodochrosite , which not only has a similar name , but also the color ... More on focusing on jewelry made of Rhodonite

Ruby jewelery with rubies

Ruby, a beautiful gemstone in red to burgundy color, sometimes with a hint of color reminiscent of raspberries . Rubies belong to the group called corundum gemstones ... More on focusing on ruby jewelry

Rose quartz and rose quartz jewelry

Rose quartz is one of the most common precious stone called quartz. Rose Quartz has a gentle pink to pinkish apricot color is transparent to translucent , depending on the size of the stone ... More on focusing on rose quartz jewelry

Sapphire and jewelry with sapphires

Sapphire gemstones are very unique blue stones. Sapphire is one of the most precious stones in the shade of blue that their unique blue color fascinated and attracted ... More on oriented sapphire jewelry

Serafinit with jewelry from serafinitu

Precious stones are living structure , it is serafinity . Serafinity are originally from Russia , from a hostile and dislikes of Siberia, like a unique Sugility Charoite. Serafinit has ... More on focusing on serafinit jewelry

Emerald and emerald jewelry

Royal Green is a color that is typical of gemstones, emeralds. Emeralds have a dark green color , which is called the Royal and perhaps because emeralds are among the precious stones popular with rulers and monarchs ... more focused on the jewelry with emeralds

Sunstone and sunstone jewelry

Sunstone, a glittering stones, whose glitter shine the rays of the sun. Precious stones , known as solar, have a nice warm color and also contain tiny particles of mica ... more oriented to the sunstones in jewelery

Sodalite and sodalite jewelry

Sodalite gemstone has an interesting blue- white color of this stone may occur alone or as part of other minerals such as Lapis lazuli , the blue component to form the sodalite ... more focused on the jewelery sodalite

Sugilit and sugilit jewelry

Sugility , precious stones have a violet color , like čaroit , but in a slightly different shade as quieter and smoother play of color ... more focused on the sugilit jewelry

Tourmaline and jewelery with tourmalines

Tourmalines are among the precious stones that got us into Europe from Sri Lanka , up to the period of overseas expeditions ... More on focusing on tourmaline jewelry

Tiger eye and tiger eye jewelry

Tiger Eye is one of the amazingly precious stone called quartz. Why is this inclusion rather surprising ? Try to rebuild quartz : amethyst violet , soft rose quartz , clear crystal, Sluníčkova citrine or smoky quartz ... more oriented to the tiger, falcon and bull's eye in jewelery

Tyrkenit and tyrkenit jewelry

Tyrkenit among the colored gemstones, their name is already so much empathy, that we allowed it to be classified as precious stones ... more focused on the jewelry of tyrkenit

Turquoise and turquoise jewelry

Turquoise is one of those gems that humanity has admired for years. In Europe turquoise came up during the Crusades from Turkey, but also in earlier cultures was honored turquoise admired ... More on focusing on turquoise jewelry

Smoky quartz and smoky quartz jewelry

Stone called smoky quartz is one of those gemstones, which are known as quartz. Smoky quartz can be recognized especially by the smoke color, which makes it impossible in an enhanced transparency of stone ... more focused on the jewelry with smoky quartz

Moldavite and moldavite jewelry

Moldavites are not precious stones, anyway we included them in this list because of its significance. Roughs are among tektites and natural glasses that occur only with us ... More on focusing on Moldavite jewelry

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