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Large standing crystal angel figurine 1738g

Large standing crystal angel figurine 1738g
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Large standing crystal angel figurine 1738g

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More about crystal


  • type of semi-precious stone: crystal
  • crystal is a clear, vitreous to translucent stone
  • the angel figurine is carved and polished from a single piece of natural stone
  • The crystal angel is a popular gift and decoration
  • angel size: 250 x 110 x 47mm (height x width x thickness)
  • weight of the angel: 1738g
  • the price shown is for 1 piece of crystal angel

A large standing angel made of crystal mineral is an exceptional symbol of purity of heart and spiritual power. This beautiful crystal angel, with its size and clarity, attracts attention and creates an atmosphere of calm and harmony.

The crystal is known for its purported cleansing and harmonizing properties. Its transparency symbolizes purity, clarity of thought and spiritual awakening. A large standing crystal angel is not only a beautiful decoration, but is believed to be a powerful energy tool that can help remove negative energies and promote emotional balance.

Placing this angel in a home or work space can bring a sense of protection and spiritual support. It is an ideal gift for loved ones as it carries a message of love, purity and peace. A large crystal angel is a beautiful and meaningful way to express your feelings and bring more light and positive energy into your life and that of your loved ones.

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