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Payment card for

Recently we have launched on-line payment option your payment card. In order to process simply select "payment card" and complete the order. After completing your order, click on "Start your payment by card here" and you will be redirected to secure payment by the Bank.

If you want to use payment by card on-line it is important that your card was enabled at your bank payment option on the internet with enough limit set. Then there is nothing to prevent you to pay by your payment card on our e-shop. Everything is easy, comfortable and above all safe.

After forwarding to the payment gateway you only type the number of your payment card, then you enter the card expiration date and CVC2 / CVV2 code on the back side of your card and confirm the payment. After confirming the payment is made immediately and you will be redirected back to our e-shop. From now on, everything is already upon us and we ship the goods turnover. You will be informed about your order state via email.

We have introduced this possibility of on-line payment by payment card on our e-shop in the context of improving services to our customers. We believe that on-line method of payment will be really beneficial and easy choice.

Online payment with payment card is a highly secure, thus the use of payment cards in our e-shop is completely safe.

You can pay with following payment cards only: MasterCard, Maestro, MC Eletronic, VISA, Visa Elektron & Diners Club Credit.