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Sugilit is known for only a few years, but in that time has gained great popularity among collectors of precious stones and even the esoteric healers. Sugilit is very similar to precious stones with the names čaroit, which also offers e-shop, it's purple, sometimes blue-violet or violet-red. Sugilit was first discovered in 1944 in Japan geologist Ken-ichi Sugi. Under which bears the name Sugilit. 

Sugilit sites

Sugilitu most famous sites in the world is on the Japanese island Iwagi, where he was first discovered, then in Quebec, Canada, in Cape Town in South Africa. Sugilit not form crystals , but rather rock masses in areas where manganese, potassium, sodium, lithium and iron, thanks to which the sugilit many interesting color. Sugilitu colors are very vivid and intense, and have a waxy sheen on the Mohs scale of hardness are sugility the 5th place of the 10. 

precious stones sugilit   silver pendant sugilit

Precious stones pictured at left are sugility on which it is to see the colorful diversity of these stones. Silver pendants with sugility are a beautiful example of the application of sampling sugilitů jewelry. Just as sugilitový bracelet in silver on the large picture below.  

Sugilit a esoterika

Sugilit not in the market for a long time, but despite that, it is a newly discovered mineral , he attributed magical effects. It is said that sugilit relieves people from psychological stress, which raise the daily stress or excitement, which results in nervousness and irritability. Sugilit is a very powerful stone for meditation or relaxation, which relieves overvoltage and calms the mind and mental ambivalence. Sugilit of also helps with mental illness or excessive fear, such as fear of confined spaces, fear of flying an aircraft even when severe paranoia and epilepsy. 

In the physical plane sugilit connects the brain to the nerve center to help manage issues related to coordination and movements such as panic attacks, dizziness and muscle cramps. Sugilit also helps with migraines and headaches that We drive massage stone temples. Some sources also help sugilitu with drug abstinence, which alleviates withdrawal symptoms accompanied by phobias and muscle cramps, or sugilitu also help with early signs of HIV infection. Sugilit of has a great ability to regenerate cells and protect the body by strengthening the immunity, so is excellent as prevention against disease and improve overall health. 

If we use sugilit to healing, we can thoroughly after each use, rinse under lukewarm water, charge it to direct sunlight or Crystal Druze indefinitely until it is used again. 

silver bracelet sugilit

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