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Labradorite tip approx. 55 - 60mm

Labradorite tip approx. 55 - 60mm

Labradorite tip approx. 55 - 60mm

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More about labradorite


  • type of stone: labradorite
  • ground tip from one piece of stone
  • each one is original in its color and size
  • can be placed on a flat surface
  • dimensions approx: 55 - 60mm (height) x 15 - 20mm (width) x 15mm (thickness)
  • weight approx.: 30g
  • the price shown is for 1 piece

Labradorite standing tip is a beautiful and fascinating decorative stone that attracts attention with its distinctive iridescent colors. This mineral , known for its wonderful optical effects called labradorescence , reveals shades of blue, green and gold at different angles. The labradorite standing toe not only looks beautiful, but is also valued for its purported metaphysical properties.

Labradorite is often associated with protecting and enhancing intuition, making it an ideal stone for meditative and spiritual practice. Placing a labradorite tip in your home or work space can bring harmony and peace, while captivating any visitor with its magical appearance. This stone is a great addition to any mineral collection and a wonderful decoration that will bring a piece of natural beauty into your interior.

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