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Obsidian mahogany tip approx. 55 - 60mm

Obsidian mahogany tip approx. 55 - 60mm

Obsidian mahogany tip approx. 55 - 60mm

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  • ground smaller point from one piece of stone
  • stone: mahogany obsidian
  • can be placed on a flat surface
  • each piece is original
  • dimensions approx: 55 - 60mm (height) x 15 - 20mm (width) x 15mm (thickness)
  • weight approx.: 25g
  • the price shown is for 1 piece

Mahogany obsidian standing tip is an exceptional stone that will attract both esotericists and mineral collectors. This semi-precious stone features deep black and brown hues that create unique patterns similar to mahogany wood. Obsidian is a volcanic glass that is formed by the rapid cooling of lava and is known for its smooth and shiny texture.

For esotericists, mahogany obsidian is prized for its purported protective and grounding properties. It is said to help remove negative energies and strengthen the connection with nature. It is considered a stone that is said to promote emotional healing and inner strength, making it an ideal guide for meditation and spiritual practice.

For mineral collectors , mahogany obsidian makes an attractive and valuable addition to their collections. Its unique appearance and energetic properties make it a fascinating object to study and admire. Placing a standing mahogany obsidian point in your space brings not only aesthetic beauty, but also powerful protective energy and harmony.

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