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Stones and Horoscope

Man and his life is affected by the position of the stars and the moon as well as the stones. This is what us with some stones together. Many people think that, for a sign to use one stone, which is not entirely true. With the stones it is so that more kinds of stones for certain signs, which influence each other and complement each other. For the search of his gemstone use this list for each sign of the zodiac. 

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Aries (The Ram) March 20 - April 19

Amethyst , Hematite , Carnelian , Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite , Ruby

silver ring ruby   gemstone amethyst   Rhodonite precious stone

The Rams are full of energy and spontaneous ideas that must be implemented at all cost. This can sometimes lead to unnecessary conflicts. Against these conflicts has Rodonit (right), who teaches stubborn rams tolerance. Aries males are eternal warriors, but the woman is more independent and open. Rodonit in itself combines two colors, pink, which is the symbol of pure love, and black, which awakens in man the need for material security of themselves and their families. Rubin pictured left is the cornerstone of life energy and mainly stone of selflessness and concern not only for themselves but also the world around them. Amethyst in the picture in the middle of the rams help with headaches and migraines, which often suffer from the Rams.     

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Taurus (The Bull) April 20 – May 20

Agate , Aventurine , Citrine , chiastolit, epidote, malachite , rose quartz , sardonyx 

precious stone malachite   aventurine donut   citrine precious stone

Green stones calm bull hot head and agitated mind. Malachite picture on the left is a feast for the eyes, donut in the middle of the figure women can wear it on a silver chain as a pendant, men's skin hidden under his shirt. Citrine then brightens the mind and entire body charged unflagging positive energy . Aventurine , as well as rose quartz and citrine counteracts stress, which have a tendency bulls. Constant stress can lead to health problems such as neck pain, head and may also cause migraines. Therefore, it is better to prevent stress relaxation along with pebbles in his hand or Aventurine or Citrine worn as a pendant.

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Gemini (The Twins) May 21 – June 20

Aquamarine , citrine , amber , calcite , carnelian , the rutile crystal, pearls (white), especially moldavite tektites , golden topaz

aquamarine precious stone   calcite clear   carnelian egg

People under the sign of Gemini are eternal idealists and thinkers. On the way their life they can be assisted Aquamarine, which is the spiritual guide of philosophers and intellectuals. Moreover aquamarine assisted in treating bronchial and respiratory tract which are gemini prone. A similar effect can serve as aquamarine and clear calcite , which supports other sign of Gemini Horoscope for better thinking and spiritual and mental satisfaction. Gemini, due to the fact that usually have a lot of interests, are often restless and distracted. Carnelian awakens in Gemini Art implement new ideas and further help to ground the restlessness and nesoutředěnost.

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Cancer (The Crab) June 21 – July 22

Aventurine , jade (nephrite) , opal , chalcedony , chrysoprase, moonstone , Rhodochrosite , ruby , onyx, tourmaline verdelite

chalcedony   silver pendant moonstone   silver bracelet Rhodochrosite

Cancer is a very emotionally oriented star signs, both men, who for their love withstand the moon, and even women who usually focus on the family and their needs push him aside. Women born under the sign of Cancer, most of the same family care lacking time for themselves, and this lack of confidence leads to small. For Crayfish is a major cornerstone of Chalcedony, which not only soothes emotional distress, but also helps find lost confidence. It also helps Raku realize their need to help those who are in need, or they somehow harmed. Moonstone is a stone mostly women, but also men crawfish can use it as a means to silence unrequited love. Gemstone Rhodochrosite helps to improve digestion crayfish, more removes toxic substances from the body and promotes good function of entire digestive tract. 

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Leo (The Lion) July 23 – August 22

Girasol, amber , citrine , garnet , crystal , crystal rutile, olivine (peridot) , ruby , sunstone , emerald , gold topaz , ferric quartz

Silver earrings with garnet   amber Colombia   gemstones ruby

Lions as the king of the jungle are very authoritative sign. Among other signs of the horoscope are received with the respect that they receive. They have a tendency to exhibitionism and need to be at any cost center of attention, but they need to be constantly praised and encouraged in all that we do and decide to do. The lion is a good stone ruby ​​(obr.vpravo), who wakes up in the lions love not only to themselves, but also interest in the outside world. Similar effects have also Jantar (obr.uprostřed) or red garnet (obr.vlevo), which also encourages lions for courage with which you can keep the company one step ahead of the competition. Dark red and red garnet extra harmonize the heart and immune system, with which people have Leo in later life problems.   

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Virgo (Maiden) August 23 – September 22

amethyst, citrine, charoite, heliotrope, amber, jasper, lapis-lazuli, olivine (peridot), sodalite, tiger eye, tiger iron 

precious stone charoite   red jasper   Citrine from Madagascar

Women born under the sign of Virgo are very neat and tidy creatures. If you walk into the apartment, he will have in most cases furnished in a minimalist style, and all will be overly tidy. Often they are also very critical not only for people and things, but also our own. Men born under this sign are workaholics with a realistic view of the world, who are often in later years of study. This property, that is the eternal desire for knowledge, support and brekciový red jasper (middle figure), which supports probing virgins to travel for wisdom and teaches them perseverance with which you would never find the target. In contrast, the Jantar Citrine or encourages conduct an immediate and impulsive decisions. These rocks are Virgins ability to fly at least for a while with his head in the clouds. Virgos are on health in most cases very well. People born under the sign of Virgo are prone to chronic diseases, because they are used to care for and clean your home and your body. Virgin are interested in a healthy diet and overall healthy lifestyle, but can be prone to hypochondria, ie to excessive interest in their own health. Amethyst and čaroit (obr.vlevo) casts out fear in the meditations of the future and the unknown, fear of death that surely awaits us all, but prudent virgins her somehow concede more.  

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Libra (The Scales) September 23 – October 22

aquamarine, epidote, chrysocolla, jade, magnesite, rainbow obsidian and mahogany, pearl (white), rose quartz, topaz, tourmaline rubellite

mahogany obsidian   rose quartz heart   hematite precious stones

People born under the sign of Libra are very indecisive, but nice and friendly. All my life, considering their actions, meditating on the pluses and minuses, and often let someone decide for themselves. Whether it concerns the selection of a restaurant meal or a great life decision. On his decision to need plenty of time and very reluctant to make decisions immediately. Otherwise, they are very gentle and sensitive people who express their emotion especially in the arts. Their guide to life may be mahogany obsidian, which encourages logical thinking and subsequent decisions without fear of failure. Rose quartz gemstone in turn enhances the sensitivity to the arts and inspire the creation of music in particular. Regarding health website, they should all Libra pay attention to the kidneys, with which they can have complications. Renal insufficiency harmonizes hematite, which can be used for problems with poor kidney or prevention. Hematite, however, avoid if you have a small body and inflammation. For instruments also pay attention to the injuries in extreme sports that attract unsurpassed balance. Against these injuries you unfortunately no stone will not protect.  

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Scorpio (The Scorpion) October 23 – November 21

agate, bull's eye, opal, garnet, heliotrope, hematite, chrysoprase, coral, copper, ruby, topaz, tourmaline rubellite

ruby ring   hematite   silver opal pendant   

Scorpios are at first sight very stealthy, but the subtle peel are people who are able to enjoy life and love to the fullest. The most commonly scorpions meet between officials and accountants. Ruby supports energy and vitality. Pushing scorpions out of the corner toward the other company which is not afraid to share their opinions and passion. Similarly, there are further precious stones such as garnet, hematite or bull's eye. Another cornerstone in the sign of Scorpio is the opal, which breaks down the differences between gray skinned man full of colors hidden in this jacket. Scorpios tend to an imbalance of energy in the pelvis. Stirk women suffer from menstrual pain, they are challenging along with a grenade, scorpions men tend to have problems with the prostate or kidney stones. Against this helps hematite.     

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Sagittarius (The Archer) November 22 – December 21

Amethyst , Aventurine, cordierite (Iolit), opal, dumortierite, chalcedony, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, lapis lazuli, sapphire, sodalite, sugilit, blue topaz, tanzanite, turquoise

sapphire precious stones   turquoise bracelet   lapis lazuli pendant

Sagittarians are happy and active living people. Their life is full of adventure, love freedom, travel, and often settles longer than their peers. Sapphire is the stone that eases their independent and untouched nature. How fast shooters live, thus thinking and talking, so sometimes say things without tact or respect. Sapphire shooters helps in choosing the right words even a chance to live a life without undue illusions, which have a head full of shooters. A similar effect is also chalcedony and blue topaz. Turquoise shows us again about that sometimes have your head in the clouds, but it also keeps us feet on solid ground, because only when one has the background, accomplish great things. Shooters live a very active life and still are in motion, because they have a later age are prone to joint pain and rheumatism. These problems and subsequent pain help mitigate gemstones Lapis lazuli and opals rather darker color. 

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Capricorn (The Goat) December 22 – January 20

amethyst, azuromalachit, chalcedony, chrysoprase, crystal, labradorite, lapis lazuli, leopard jasper, moonstone, obsidian flake and black, fire opal, onyx, pearls (black), pyrite, sapphire, tourmaline schorl, tourmaline in crystal, agate, smoky quartz

tourmaline crystal in extra quality   silver pendant smoky quartz   precious stone labradorite

Capricorn are very purposeful star signs. Just like in the wild Capricorn climb the rocks higher and higher, as well as people born under this sign are rising up the social ladder. Tourmaline crystal in dark or smoky quartz helps kozorohům breaking away from stereotypes customs and traditions that Capricorn very honored and that they can prevent career progression. Moonstone kozorohům in turn prevents its career move go as they say over people, because arouses in them a sense of belonging and the need for love, for entertainment only deep emotion know not only themselves but also the wisdom that comes from this feeling. Capricorn are very strict, not only to their surroundings, which may be a family or working group, but also themselves. Capricorn are generally prone to depression, which stems from a sense of their own imperfections or the fact that Capricorn are introverted personality. Already mentioned smoky quartz and tourmaline crystal in helping lasting exposure to these severe mental illnesses. 

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Aquarius (The Water-Bearer) January 21 – February 18

aquamarine, amazonite, charoite, opal, Girasol, jasper, rock crystal, labradorite, lapis lazuli,  blue fluorite, blue topaz, sapphire, falcon eye, silver, turquoise

aquamarine crystal   Amazonite sphere   Girasol heart to hand

People born in February, that is the sign of Aquarius are very genuine people who are your thoughts or opinions exaggerate time. Nobody goes into the crowd as the others, but mostly they stand behind their opinions despite the fact that they are the only members of the team. Aquamarine is a good companion of Aquarius, because it is a stone of visionaries, people who enjoy their surprise his original views on future things. Similarly, Aquarius operates and sapphire, which also clear out Aquarian instability and the desire for freedom. Aquarians often have mood swings that soothes the aforementioned sapphire and aquamarine, amazonite but also a Girasol. Red jasper turn warms the aching ankles and joints, as Aquarians often have trouble getting cold bones away from the country around from what is imaginary wading in cold water.  

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Pisces (The Fish) February 19 – March 19

aquamarine, amethyst, opal, purple fluorite, jade, jasper, labradorite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, olivine (peridot), sugilit, verdelite indigolit tourmaline, turquoise

precious stone aquamarine   amethyst pendulum   peridot bracelet

Fish are mild and easygoing nature that are based on a very nice home and a harmonious family. The company is not characteristic, although it does not mean that they have nothing to say. Aquamarine helps taciturn fish to communicate with others, amethyst turn encourages fish care for their fellow man, which can itself through superior care, domestic forget. Amethyst also helps fish to fish against various dependencies, which have a tendency fish, whether it's smoking, alcoholism or excessive cleaning. Fish are very sensitive sign, and their sensitivity can manifest itself in art. Blue topaz and peridot stones that promote inspiration and creativity. 

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